Farewell Mr. Lee Alexander McQueen

I've just heard shocking news that
fashion designer Alexander McQueen died this morning.

I am deeply upset by this loss.
He was one of the people who has been the biggest influence in my life.

And I will forever think of him dearly.

Rest In Peace



I have made my account on Flickr.
So far I've only uploaded my collage work but I will upload other work near future.

Please check it sometimes!

Thank you please.

Strawberry Fields

My friend Genevieve Ryan organised an exhibition called
Strawberry Fields.

It's a collection of work by 25 artists in response to
Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles.
And I am one of them.

The exhibition has already started since 6th and it goes on until 21st
at Welcome Home Gallery at Glasgow.

I don't think I can make it to see the show but if you are near by,
please check out!

Badges For Sale!

Finally some badges are ready for sale!
They are 58mm (2 1/4 inch) which is good size and only £2 each!
If you would like one or two, just drop me an email at

Thank you please!

Dress for Meia

Meia is growing. Very fast.
I bought her a dress and her daddy bought her same pattern boots!
How cute...
She gave me high 5.
She knows how to pose in front of camera
and always checks if she looks good in the photos.

This is like Meia's diary.....

I will post something about myself too...

Just second...


Yesterday's Meia

Meia and Nobukun came around yesterday.

Meia likes to play with my camera case.

She looks like a photographer with fancy vest.


I made a small collage for Victoria, commissioned by Chiichan
for Vic's birthday last year.

She kindly bought some stickers off me including
the one she has the original of.

She put it on her diary for this year.

It looks good and she looked really happy!

French Cookies from Chi

My friend Chii gave me a box of cookies from france.

Very lovely packaging design!

I do collect these stuff. Also they were really tasty!

Thank you please Chii chan. x