Bella san

Saturday Night Fever like Bella san and Nic san.

Mr. Crato Update

Some of you might already know that I am one half of Mr. Crato.
I have been collaborating with very nicey man Mr. Joe Crocker
since last year and calling ourselves Mr. Crato.
It's really fun!
We can be more playful and have lots of happy accidents.
We recently updated our blog.
Please have a look!


Good Bye The Rag 'n' Bone Co.

I have been involved with The Rag 'n' Bone Co. since last August.
It's a boutique/gallery place selling lots of handmade, vintage clothes
and some random stuff. Unfortunately it's closing this Sunday.
So if you haven't visited the lovely place, please try this weekend!

The address is 1A Pelham Street,Brighton, BN1 4FA

Last Saturday

My lovely friend Bryony and her lovely boyfriend Nicksan
came down to Brighton last Saturday.
We saw a cat in the window and dancing of starlings at the pier.
What a lovely day.
Thank you please.

Meia & Nobu

My lovey friend Nobu and his lovely daughter Meia.


Work still in progress...

It's getting there...


Meia likes to go to the entrance.
She uses bike key and try to open the door.
She is 15month old.
I think she is intelligent.

Change the Face


In Progress...

This is something I'm working on at the moment.
I don't really know what is going to be.
Now I'm just cutting things what I want to cut. Fun to cut.
I will post again when it's finish.


Hand Made Present

Today was my friend Yuko's birthday so I made this
and brought to her house.
I was so happy to see her very happy face. Nicey!

I have been making these kind of stuff and selling
some at The Rag 'n' Bone Co. in Brighton at the moment.
And I'm planning to re-start my Etsy shop soon.
I'll let you know more details when it's up again!


Sneak Peek

This is a section of something I've been working on for a while now.
And this is the largest collage piece I've ever worked on.
Can't wait to finish it and show you all!


Something I did today...


Happy New Year Thank You Please!

A Happy New Year 2010!
And I finally decided to start my own blog.
Here is my greeting for you....